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Engineer Construction Wala

Welcome to Engineer Construction Wala, where architectural dreams find their home in reality. As Pune’s premier civil construction contractor, we go beyond traditional building methods. Our fusion of modern technology and timeless craftsmanship has brought over 500 projects to life, each a testament to our commitment to quality.

Engineer Construction Wala isn’t just about constructing buildings – we’re about crafting modern marvels. From homes that cocoon families to bungalows that exude luxury, and apartments that define contemporary living, we blend innovation and expertise in every brick we lay.

Our distinct edge lies in our embrace of technology. With advanced tools and materials, we redefine construction, ensuring durability and efficiency. We don’t just build; we create structures that stand as testaments to our dedication to progress.

Having successfully delivered 500+ projects, Engineer Construction Wala is a symbol of trust. Our collaborations are stories of partnership, innovation, and impeccable execution – all shaping a skyline that mirrors our ambition.

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Our Vision

At Engineer Construction Wala we dream of changing how buildings are made. We want to use new technology and great skills to create houses and buildings that are modern and long-lasting. We want our work to show how smart ideas and hard work can make communities better and leave a mark on the world.

Our Mission

Our goal at *Engineer Construction Wala is to make construction better. We do this by bringing together our special know-how and the latest technology to make unique and strong buildings. We work closely with our clients to give them exactly what they want, making sure it’s good for the environment too. We always want to do our best, help our team grow, and make the whole construction industry move forward.

Why Choose Us ?


500+ Successful Projects

15 Years Guarantee

15 Years of Structural Guarantee

Pune Based

We're Based out of Pune

Quality Checks

450+ Quality Checks

Customize Packages

Customize Packages As Per Need

Dedicated Engineer

Dedicated Civil Engineer With Each Project

Branded Material

Only Work With Branded Material

No Third Party

No Involvement of Third Party Contractor

Best Price

Best Price Without Compromising Quality

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Dr. Er. Vijay Morale

B.E Civil, M.Tech Structure,
Hon. D. Arch. Planning & Construction

Founder & MD Message

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Dr. Er. Vijay Morale

B.E Civil, M.Tech Structure,
Hon. D. Arch. Planning & Construction

I am Dr. Er. Vijay Morale, the proud Founder & MD of Engineer Construction Wala. It is an honor to welcome you to our world of innovation, precision, and modern civil construction.

With a foundation built upon a B.E. in Civil Engineering and M.Tech. in Structures along with Hon. D. in Architectural Planning and Construction,  I embarked on this journey with a vision to revolutionize the construction landscape. Engineer Construction Wala was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals when dealing with traditional construction contractors. Our mission is clear – to provide a seamless and transformative experience while constructing your dreams into reality.

Our goal isn’t just to construct buildings; it’s to build trust, relationships, and futures. With a vision to construct 5000 homes by 2030, we are driven to redefine the construction landscape, one project at a time.

Engineer Construction wala having an extensive in-house team of over 180 professionals specializing in construction, plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry. This dedicated team is under the capable leadership of our Director, Mr. Vijay Morale.

Our workforce comprises 40 highly skilled individuals, 60 semi-skilled workers, and 80 unskilled manpower, all of whom bring significant expertise to residential and commercial projects.

I invite you to explore our portfolio, witness our commitment, and join us in shaping the future of construction. Let us embark on this journey together, turning your dreams into reality, and constructing legacies that stand the test of time.

Awards & Recognition

India's No.1 Tech Advanced Construction Company

500+ Projects​

450+ Quality Checks

On-Time Delivery​