Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have these questions in your mind ?

What if material cost goes up after the agreement ?

We’ll not charged any extra amount (No hidden charges) If the material cost goes up after the agreement. 

Are you a third party contractor ? / do you hand over our work to third party contractor ?

We’ve our own contracting firm specialize in residential construction and We do not handover your work to any other contractor.

What if I don't visit construction site daily to see progress ?

Don’t worry, our team will give you the daily progress report on your phone. 

Who'll take care of architectural planning and plan sanctioning ?

We’ll help you with the architectural planning and plan sanctioning but if you want to do it by your own then that will also work. 

Is your company licensed ?

Yes, we’re licensed contracting firm and hold all the necessary government license. 

What kind of construction do you specialized in ?

We’re specialized in residential construction. We builds Bungalow, Villa’s, Apartment, Etc. 

What is your service area ?

Our serving area is 40+ Km radius of Pune.

Do you offer structural guarantee?

Yes. we offer 10 years of structural guarantee.

How long does a typical project take?

It is depend on the project size. A typical projects take around 6 months to complete.

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